Cat behavior part 1

Cat behaviour part 1

No one knows their cat better than their owners. We all know the characteristics of our cats from their distinct meow to their personality traits. My queen is a lot braver than my stud cat who is the definition of a ‘scaredy-cat.’ For a while I was perplexed why he was so nervous ad timid. Did I do something wrong? Was I responsible?

The short answer was no; this was simply his nature and whether I liked it or not he was not going to change to any great extent though there are a few clever tricks I learnt which can make a real difference.

The main reason why I came to the realisation that I was not responsible for having such a timid cat was observing my other cats. They simply were not nervous and were very placid to the point of not getting out the way when I had to go to one room to the other – the complete opposite of my stud. If I had been responsible for my cat acquiring a timid nature then surely my other pets would follow suit but they didn’t.

The other primary reason why I knew I wasn’t responsible was due to my stud cat being very affectionate with me when I am calmly sitting down and would cuddle up, purr and sleep in my lap but when someone knocked at the door he bolts to a nearby hiding place.

Fortunately in terms of discipline cats can easily be taught what not to do. You might not be able to make them participate in elaborate tricks like dogs but they certainly know when a particular action is out of bounds. For instance one of my cats loved to destroy any plants or flowers in the house which was very frustrating. As soon as you raise the tone of your voice and say ‘no!’ they soon get the message. They can be cheeky however and go up to the prohibited object again but as soon as you stand up they dash out the room because they know they are not supposed to do it.

Another aspect to bear I mind if you wat to keep your kitty obedient and on their best behaviour is to allow them to maintain a routine. Cat’s love routine and if this is disturbed things can start to go wrong. If you go on holiday for too long or inadvertently start to neglect your pet (an example may be that you are decorating your house and isolating cats in a specific room to keep them safe) they may start to scratch up furniture or discontinue using the litter box. If you cannot keep up their routine (and there may be legitimate reasons) then compensate for this by giving your cats extra attention.

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